Hotel Mirage

L'Hotel Mirage si trova nel promontorio di Capo Testa (Nord Sardegna) in una delle località turistiche più rinomate dell'Isola.

+39 0789 754207
Località Capo Testa, 07028 Santa Teresa Gallura OT

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The hotel is located in Capo Testa 3 km from Santa Teresa di Gallura, 25 from Palau and La Maddalena and 50 from the Costa Smeralda.


It is located in one of the most beautiful corners of Sardinia, in the far north, on the last appendix overlooking the Bocche di Bonifacio, the arm of the sea that separates the island from Corsica. Here, the beaches, the sea, the landscapes and the nature are magnificent. The famous Tombs of the Giants by Lu Brandali bear witness to the presence of the ancient Sardinian civilization while the quarries remind us of that of the Romans, users of the magnificent gray-pink granite for the buildings of Rome.

Capo Testa

The Capo Testa promontory is connected by a thin isthmus to the continent and offers landscapes of unique charm: pink-gray rocks smoothed like statues plunge into a crystalline sea with a thousand shades of blue and green. The seabed is among the most beautiful in the world: gigantic granite rocks form caves where red and black corals, moray eels, conger eels and lobsters live. The beaches are all incredibly beautiful, fine white sand with the green of the Mediterranean scrub behind them, alternating with suggestive coves where the blocks of granite, smoothed by water and wind create a lunar landscape of extraordinary rarity. Among the most beautiful: Rena di Ponente, in Roman times the former Tibula colony, of fine white sand with crystal clear waters, sheltered from the north wind and the sirocco. The Rena di Levante which begins with a flat cliff followed by the beach of Capicciolu or dei Graniti for the many incredibly smooth rocks that enclose it (there are still Roman columns). The Valley of the Moon: with a walk among the cyclopean rocks smoothed by 300 million years of water and wind, you arrive at three coves, each more beautiful than the other, with magical and primitive atmospheres. Cala Spinosa is also enchanting, little appreciated because it is difficult with a majestic decoration of granites poured into a crystal clear sea, it is the paradise of the divers.

Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura, a small town founded in the 19th century, which has become a popular seaside resort since the 1960s. With the beauty of its beaches and coasts, are added the services and distractions offered by tourist structures. The city port is dominated by the Longosardo tower; in the center of the resort is one of the most appreciated and frequented beaches: Rena Bianca beach. The beach of Marmorata is located further east so the panorama that can be enjoyed from here is extraordinary: the coasts of Corsica and the islands of the La Maddalena archipelago.

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