Questions and answers about the hotels

We do not have a private shuttle service, but for those who want we can arrange a transfer service?

We have no conventions but we could provide contacts where you will surely have the best deals

The check-in is from 08.00 to 23.59; at other times the service is charged. The check-out is however by 11:00.

Yes, but there could be a supplement.

The pool is always open

Yes, you can park near the rooms

For those who want this service can do so on site; The reception personnel will get you what you want in a hotel or even at the airport

Pets are allowed with the exception of common areas

Yes, at the Levante Beach you can buy the service for the entire period of the stay that daily

The one of Santa Teresa Gallura beach is dog-friendly in Porto Quadro.
See website http://www.portofido.com